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The Scaffold / Das Gerüst

‘The Scaffold' is a text-based, installation in the open ground of Museum 1, Luzern. This public-art work was created through people’s participation, during Parvez’s six months long performative, solo show ‘COMMODI-FICTION’ in 2021. The exhibition with eight interventions playfully explored concepts proposed by Karl Polanyi – a Hungarian-Austrian economist, historian and thinker – who wrote 'The Great Transformation' an analysis of the industrial revolution and its impact on the world in 1948.

‘The Scaffold’, the central work of the show, refers to Polanyi’s concept of ‘false commodities’: land, human labor and currencies. The banality of the text ‘DIE ERDE IST EINE WARE’ serves as a provocation by stating the obvious in the face of the current environmental crisis and its relation with our highly industrialized and materialistic world.

Museum 1 has no walls, fences, roof, security or tickets. The installation remains visible and accessible 24 x 7 to all passing by.

Museum 1, Winkelbüel, Grundstück 837
CH-6043 Adligenswil LU
Stephan Wittmer
Museum 1
Artist, Curator and the Visitors

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1. Landnahme - von Michel Rebosura (Autor, Kunstkritiker und Kulturjournalist)
Published in: _957_Independent Art Magazine #123_COMMODI-FICTION_PARVEZ. September 2021

2. Parvez’s performative gestures: The subversion of the capitalist art economy - by Deeksha Nath (Art historian, Art Critic, Independent Curator)
First published in: Critical Collective, India. July 2021.
Reprinted in: _957_Independent Art Magazine #123_COMMODI-FICTION_PARVEZ. September 2021

The aim of this conceptual art-work is to create a possibility for encounters and engage anyone who passes by. Museum 1 has roads on three sides. The work faces the main road, which has traffic throughout the day. The 'original words' were sold (each separately) in a Live-Art action-cum-Auction at the Finissage of COMMODI-FICTION, in October 2021. The buyers/collectors were promised the delivery by May 2022. The Scaffold will remain at Museum 1 and a new text shall emerge on it soon.


The Scaffold / Das Gerüst (2021)
'The Scaffold' is built over two performative and participative interventions:
1. The Edifice a Live Art intervention where visitors built the Scaffold based on Parvez’s design, while he cooked and served a meal to thank/repay their labor with his labor and food.

2. A Game of Alphabets Visitors help the artist create alphabets through a game-like process. The letters with gold spray and colored glitter are installed on the Scaffold to read: DIE ERDE IST EINE WARE – referring to Karl Polanyi’s idea of ‘commodification’ of the land/planet.

Bright neon colors were applied on it later to give it a fresh look against the greyness of winter.

The material (wood) was chosen to match the surroundings and also to reflect upon the materiality and valuation of art works.

Wood, Nails, Screws, Golden spray, Glue, Glitter and Neon Paint
Hand-sketched design, Carpentry skills and tools (Hammer, Electric Screw driver and Electric Saw)
Approx. 50–70 Kg
9 x variable x 3.5 meters approximately
The Scaffold is freely accessible anytime of day or night at Museum 1.
It is also easily reachable by public transport.
(Das Museum1 ist erreichbar in 20 Minuten mit dem Postauto 73 ab Bahnhof Luzern, Richtung Udligenswil oder Rotkreuz. Posthaltestelle Chliäbnet. Ebenso ab Postautohaltestelle Bahnhof Rotkreuz, Richtung Luzern.) This public-art work will stand till it is either destroyed/uprooted by nature or taken down by the artist/Museum 1. As the first set of words is handed to the Collecto

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